Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Field of Views

Local politics: The 12th slot in the Senate is still up for grabs although Migz Zubiri appears to have the upperhand, mainly for two reasons: votes yet to be counted are from Maguindanao (nearby his bailiwick Bukidnon province) and he's from Team Unity. His nemesis, Koko Pimentel, only has one of the two reasons--he's from the Misamis province, also in Mindanao. Now, what are the odds of father-and-son becoming both victims of dagdag-bawas in two different elections? Pretty high.

Local entertainment: For all the carousel involving Ruffa and Yilmaz, the latest is that the latter will be "welcome" once he comes down here for Ruffa's birthday. The Turkish heir has been apologetic for a number of reasons and the ping-pong stories have somewhat died down recently. Ruffa has since started shooting a movie for an entry to the MMFF this December, while Yilmaz has all but closed the issue, thanks to Ricky Lo's column last Saturday.

On the Tube: Not too many would have deemed it as scripted but the sudden twist of feminine anger and hatred in Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 is just appalling to say the least. For starters, Gee-ann has come out in the open on how she's felt unimportant and unworthy in the house, no thanks to the bullying antics of Ate Wendy, who in turn, is angered by the fact that Gee-ann has nominated her in the latest nomination episode. Wendy claims Gee-ann would never be deserving to be in the Top 4, because she comes from a well-to-do family and the prize money would rather go to someone else. The travesty of frienship then begins, with Wendy badmouthing from all over the place. Well, I hate to say this but this is a game and nominating your friends is all but normal. It's not even a crime. For all the shameful antics she's been throwing around the show lately, I won't be surprised if Wendy is booted out of the Final 4 for good. No wonder, a lot of viewers would sympathize with Gee-ann because of this.

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